Total Eclipse and Space Exploration


News cycle making you nauseous? Elevate your thinking with the upcoming total eclipse scheduled to hit Nashville, TN for 2 minutes on August 21.  The partial eclipse is scheduled to begin around 11:58 AM CST with full coverage, totality, peaking at 1:27 PM  CST.  Nashville is on a direct path for this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event which is attracting star gazers from all over the world.   

Here is a link to the NASA website with great coverage and tips for viewing the eclipse.  The Adventure Science Center has a number of scheduled events and fun facts listed on their website here.

The above photo was taken while on a visit to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama which has an incredible museum, space camps, lunar equipment, various rockets, even a full-size Saturn V (Lunar) rocket.  It's an inspiring stop for anyone remotely interested in science or space exploration.  There are also tours available to the nearby Marshall Space and Flight Center where planning is taking place for a future trip to an asteroid and eventually, Mars.

The 2nd photo is a Saturn 1B rocket located at a rest area (you read that correct) off of southbound I-65 in Alabama, just one mile over TN border...which is a pretty cool bathroom break on your way to Huntsville.

Pathfinder Rocket


Wolfeboro: Character of Lore, Monte-zuma

This is the true story of a character from Wolfeboro Falls called Monte...Monte-zuma in full.   This wasn't his real name but that's what the local boys used to call him back in the late 1950's.

Anyone familiar with the Smith River Canoe Race in Wolfeboro Falls knows where he lived because it is right on the opposite shoreline in a 12x8' ft sturdy shack 80 yards down from the rapids.  To this day, there is a sunken wooden platform covered in slippery moss that he used to get back and forth across the river.   Back then, the wooden platform was above water and Monty covered it with corrugated roofing to keep it from getting wet.  The roofing was also nice and loud in case he had any visitors which will come later in the story.

Monte was the night watchman and maintenance man for the Wolfeboro Mills that used to exist along that long flat stretch of river across from his shack.  He had a pigeon coup right at the edge of the river and he raised the pigeons for food.  He also enjoyed eating fish he caught from the river.  

Monte wasn't a lean scraggly-old hermit but actually clean shaven and roundly with a receding hairline.   He didn't mind a visitor now and again;  he was known to serve his guests soda biscuits and peanut butter from his outdoor stone fireplace.  He entertained with a pet racoon and a blue jay that he spoke to as if they were his children.

One night some local boys were camping out in Wolfeboro Falls and they decided it would be a good idea to give old Monte a scare.   Ronnie Keslar was up for the task and started across the wooden platform on the river until the corrugated roofing gave him up.   The shack door flew open and Ronnie ran for his life as he heard the bellow and the hammer of the gun.  He ran so fast in the darkness that he stumbled to the ground as a bullet went over his head into the sign post above.  

Monte wasn't bothered much at night by the boys again.  It wasn't until a Mr. Malone purchased the mill and it was converted from excelsior to t-shirt manufacturing that Monte was forced to move on.   His shack was burned to the ground and all that remains is the sunken wooden platform and stones from the outdoor fireplace.


Wolfeboro Bay Photos

Wolfeboro Bay Photo from Smith Center

Wolfeboro Bay Photo to Gunstock

Two photos taken from the Smith Center on the campus of Brewster Academy where I've been coaching some JV hoops this winter.   Between a knee surgery and coaching, I haven't been taking as many photos but I am planning a photoblog re-design and getting back on Wolfeboro photo wagon for 2013.    

The northwestern side of the lake: Melvin Village, Tuftonboro and Moultonboro are frozen-in.  The ice on Wolfeboro Bay and Sewall Point is in that annual waltz back and forth.  Thank you to everyone south that enjoy telling me how nice and warm it is all the time.  It's ok if you have gone soft :)

The Monarch of Perserverance

It can take up to three generations for a Monarch Butterfly to migrate the 4000 miles to various locations in the southern hemisphere and the mexican plateau.   A butterfly may not ever make it to the final destination but it instinctively makes the journey and sacrifices itself in the process to carry on the greater good. 

My brother in-law took us out on a sailboat this past Sunday on Winnipesaukee. It was a perfect day for sailing with steady winds and a few gusts pushing us over toward Rattlesnake Island.  One of the best parts of the day was watching the steady procession of Monarch butterflies fluttering southbound being blown down the lake.  Many of the Monarchs' probably started the flight somewhere toward Moultonboro and Tuftonboro and had been blown down the broads eastward toward Alton until they reached the far shore, only to face the Belknap Mtn range straight ahead.   The Monarch butterfly just might be the king of perserverance.

Scenic Fall Sports

The town is quieting down in Wolfeboro; or at least a brief respite before the leaf peepers start filing in.   The fall temperatures and crisp air make for a perfect start to the school year and fall sports.   If you feel like you have missed out the the last 2 months of summer then get out there.  We still have two months until the 4pm pale-eyed, early night shuffle!

Winni Belle Sunset Cruise

This is a camera phone special from Wolfeboro Area Nursery School's sunset cruise fundraiser on the Winni belle , Lake Winnipesaukee this past friday night.   Margaritas and cutting-the-planks is optional.   If you are planning a trip to the area with family or friends the sunset cruise is a great way to see the lake and have some fun.   The weekends offer family friendly cruises on the Winni Belle or you can go to the Thirsty Thursday Sunset Cruises.